Insights into Our Work

Proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ

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Proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is our main concern and, at the same time, is Mohammed Amin's personal calling from Jesus Christ.

Distribute Bibles

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It is wonderful that God again and again furnishes us with so many Bibles. It is a great pleasure to pass them on. People are so very happy to have God's Word in their hands. One church had only a handful of Bibles for about 200 people. There was great joy when everyone was given a Bible. To our great God be the honor!


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Baptism is a personal testimony about what has happened in the believer's life.
„... I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me ...” Galatians 2,20
It is impressive to witness this testimony of faith.

Training in faith

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Training in faith is Bible study, Biblical teaching and treatment of various topics. This serves as the armor of believers.

Build churches

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In many cases, there is no church where people come to a living faith in the Lord Jesus. Therefore, churches are founded and built. We also help to build larger churches where the church has become too small. The believers often do not have the necessary resources to build new meeting places. Each church is a lighthouse for the Gospel. We are very, very grateful to the Lord that He lets the church building succeed again and again.

Build schools

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Primary schools give children the opportunity to learn to read and write and enables them to read God's Word. What they learn can change their lives in the future.

Medical help

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There is no basic medical care. Seeing a doctor is usually too expensive and the distance too far. Therefore, people are dependent on help. Unfortunately, we are not able to help as much as we would like.

Water projects

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There is not enough clean drinking water. Four water projects have been completed, supplying 13,000 people with water.