Nabiyu – the boy with a brain tumor

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While visiting a very remote community, mothers showed us their sick children. They were hoping to get help. Nabiyu was one of these children. We had no idea what was wrong.
Nabiyu and a little girl were taken to a doctor in the next town. The girl could be helped with some eye drops.
Nabiyu was examined, but he couldn’t be helped here. He needed to go to the capital for further examination.
Waiting for the examination
Nabiyu was thoroughly examined. Diagnosis: A tumor behind his right eye.
The doctors operated on Nabiyu a few days later; the operation went well. The boy was quite weak and it took a while to recover.
Because of all this, Nabiyu’s father became interested in faith in the Lord Jesus. One day he turned his life over to the Lord of Lords. What joy, what mercy!
Little Nabiyu was still seriously ill. He had cancer and the doctors couldn’t do anything more for him. Five doctors conferred and thought that perhaps help would be possible in Germany or the USA. We only had a poor quality diagnostic sheet and an MRT. What now?
At the end of 2015, we tried to find help at another hospital. Here, Nabiyu was again examined.
More examinations were necessary.
Nabiyu had two more operations.
Following the second operation, Nabiyu fell into a coma. Mohammed was very worried about him. Chance of survival was 50 – 60%.
This was a great test of faith for Mohammed.

It seemed like Acts 20,7-12.
What would have become of Paul’s testimony if Eutychus had remained dead? Perhaps people would not have listened to Paul anymore.

Mohammed asked the Lord: What will happen to the testimony if Nabiyu dies now? The situation was very difficult; Mohammed and two faithful men prayed together.

Nabiyu was in a coma for 7 or 8 hours. Nobody knew what would happen now.

The Lord was merciful; Nabiyu regained consciousness. How happy Mohammed was when he realized the boy could speak, hear, see and correctly respond to questions.
He could even eat again. Thank you, Lord Jesus!
Again, it took a long time for Nabiyu to regain his strength.
Here the bandage is being removed.
A few weeks later
Nabiyu is doing well again. He can even see with his right eye.
This had been a difficult, painful time, but the Lord Jesus Christ helped and gave grace. To HIM be the honor!