My name is Evangelist Mohammed Amin and I’m the founder of Light of Life Ministry International. The unusual combination of my name and my duty may puzzle you. Yes, I was born in a Muslim family in Jimma Oromia. I was educated in Saudi Arabia and teaching Qur’an, among many places, at Anwar Grand mosque. I was active and considered myself radical Muslim in Ethiopia. But at a certain critical point in my life Jesus revealed Himself to me miraculously. I made a U turn in my life journey. As you continue to read this amazing story you find out.

My mom was the first wife to my dad but she didn’t have a child. Therefore he married himself to his second and third wives one after the other. My mom was really unhappy with the polygamy and her childlessness. Then she made a promise to Allah. If she got a child she would dedicate to Allah and would name after the prophet. I was born a year after and she named me “Mohammed”.

As a child I was sent to the local Qur’an school in Jimma. On a successful accomplishment of the basics I was send to the capital city, Finfinne, to take an advanced learning of Qur’an and Islam at the grand mosque called Anwar. We were 16 students from 8 provinces. I completed the learning with great distinction. After graduation from Anwar grand mosque I was sent to Riyadh Saudi Arabia to pursue a more advanced learning of Islam and Quran. On our departure to Saudi we made a promise not to go astray but to come back and convert all non believers to Islam. I was studying Qur’an for 7 years in Saudi Arabia.

After returning to Ethiopia, I served as tutor at Anwar grand mosque for two years. We trained 180 teachers and sent to different corners of the country. My daily prayer was “Allah! Let me not die before I kill one kuffar in a holy jihad!”

In 1995 I was sent back to my hometown Jimma with a major duty of recruiting as many young radical Muslims as possible. It was at that time that we got over 1million Birr in aid and built a giant mosque in Jimma. If you ask anybody in Jimma “who built the great Wahabiya mosque?” they will tell you the name of 3 people. But the fourth man is now cursed by Allah and converted to Christian.”

A year after, in 1996, I was critically sick. My weight which was over 100 kg was diminished to below 47. I couldn’t stand or sit, couldn’t walk or sleep. I lost appetite and my whole body was covered with fatal wounds. Two prominent medical doctors at Jimma hospital, Dr. Berket and Dr. Salem examined me. They told me that my disease was HIV/ AIDS and gave my mom clear instructions not to touch me without gloves. I was admitted to Jimma Hospital and hospitalized in a special ward for HIV patients. We were 6 patients with same diagnosis in room number 7. At that time there was no proper medication for HIV patients and two died shortly after admittance. I was deadly sick. For the next 4 months and 25 days, being isolated from friends and relatives, I miserably remained on hospital bed. Nobody was willing to visit a desperate patient like me.

There were, however, a group of devoted Christians who visited us at the hospital on the weekends. They usually say to the patients “Accept Jesus Christ, you will be saved!” they said the same to me. I knew Jesus from the Qur’an as a son of Miriam, as a prophet, that the Gospel is upon him, that the Gospel is the way of truth, that it is light, that it is truth, that it is sent to the whole world. After they told me about accepting Jesus I started thinking about what Jesus did. It is written in the Qur’an. He cured the blind, cleansed the Lepers and raised the dead. Now I started thinking “Can Jesus heal me?”

That very night, on my hospital bed, counting down the day of my death, while there was nobody besides me except my mom sitting on her chair by my bed, thinking all about Jesus, I was fallen asleep. In my dream Jesus approached me and said: “Rise!” Me? Who was sick and on hospital bed for months, how can I rise? He reached out for my right hand and raised me up. And then brushed me with his hand from the top of my head to the sole my foot. “I am the Messiah, You shall sleep no more! You shall proclaim the gospel!”

When I was awake I told my mom the whole story. She said “Allah Akbar! The prophet Mohammed will heal you!” Out of hopelessness I asked her “Where is the prophet Mohammed at this time?”And then I added, “He is dead and buried!” She warned me not to speak like that.

Those visiting Christian brothers came to me the other day and said” Peace be to this home!” They asked me my permission to pray for me. I told them that I had nothing to pay them. I didn’t know that it was free of charge. I didn’t know that the only prerequisite for Jesus was not payment but a broken heart! They told me to repeat a prayer after them. Although I encountered Jesus in my dream, I was still skeptical. Never the less I raised my hands and repeated what they said. Being on my hospital bed I accepted Jesus.

A week after, those Christian brothers came to me again and told me that they would take me to their home. What I didn’t know at that point was that God had given them a clear vision while they were on night praying, that there was a dyeing AIDS patient at Jimma hospital in ward number 7; that they would reach out and pray for this patient and that God would heal and save the patient. I couldn’t go/stand on my foot. The two evangelists named Mulubrehan Simegn and Frew Lemma carried me away with my bed sheets to the house of the later in the car of the former. Then, keeping in heart the vision God gave them, they continued praying for 20 days. While they were praying, day by day, night by night, I regained my appetite, my lost body weight, my hair, my body skin and my health. I could stand and walk as before.

After 5 months I went to the same hospital to check my blood for HIV. The doctors got puzzled with the fact that I suddenly became free from HIV. They didn’t dare to give the result. Together with the two evangelists I travelled to one of the famous hospitals in the capital called Balcha Hospital. They took a blood sample. The result shows I am completely free from HIV.

Receiving my HIV-free certificate, I travelled back to Jimma. I met Dr Salem, my former doctor who treated me for HIV. I showed my certificate and told him the whole story- the story of the healing Jesus, the story of the saving Jesus. Dr. Salem accepted Jesus as his personal savior!

What about you? Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior? If not my brother/ my sister NOW IS YOUR TURN THIS IS YOUR DAY!